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I like to build things, whether it be digital applications, physical products, or something in between. The satisfaction I get from turning a raw idea into a physical manifestation in the real world is what motivates me.

When I am not at my workspace, I am either attempting to make sounds that sound like music, Craiglist hunting, or scouring the city I am visiting for a vintage map of the area. Speaking of maps, you can see some of the cities I've visited below:


This map was made with Processing and Adobe Illustrator to visualize how I have spent the days of my life across the globe up until October 2019. The larger bubbles including Bangkok, Atlanta, San Francisco, and Seoul represent places that I have lived in for an extended amount of time. The other cities I've labeled are some highlights from my travels. Marfa, West Texas was a trip!



Would you rather forget your wallet or your phone at home?

I've forgotten both... but If had to choose, I would rather forget my phone. Sometimes its nice to disconnect.


If you had to be stuck on an island with a celebrity, who would it be?

I would choose to be stuck on an island with Bear Grylls. I am sure I won't die, he has an interesting sense of humor, but I am not looking forward to what he has planned for dinner.


Give me a description of how you envision year 2070 to be like?

I could see communities living entirely indoors because external temperatures would be too. I think we will get a lot of our energy from the sun, but a lot of the beautiful landscapes will unfortunately disappear. I also think it would be a luxury to take a shower.


If you could choose to visit a planet in this solar system which one would it be?

I'd probably just go to the moon. It'd be nice to get a clear view of home but also have the time to travel back.